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A wedding is such an emotional and touching moment of your life, and getting married outdoors has, over the years, been the dream of many brides. What a better way to celebrate the bond of two loving hearts than to perform an outdoor ceremony in a charming place with your nearest and dearest, surrounded by the beauties of nature! Here we’ve chosen 28 best ideas of outdoor wedding for you!

If you are considering how to pull off a gorgeous, glamorous outdoor affair, why not let the setting of your outdoor wedding inspire the theme, decor, cake, and more? Whether you’re planning a rustic wedding in a barn in the country or a romantic garden party surrounded by blooms, an al fresco affair will never go out of style. Other decorations you may want to consider include an arch or trellis to focus the ceremony and frame the bride and groom as they say their vows; strings or lights, or lanterns in the trees, luminaries or torches. Using rape fabric to soften the space or to create sectioned off the space. Hang pomanders from the frame’s cross sections, and add other details to welcome guests and enhance your wedding’s unique design.

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Everyone has their idea of a dream wedding – whether that’s small and simple or a huge extravagant production. There’s something incredible about an outdoor wedding: the unparalleled beauty of a rocky ocean shore, a romantic botanical garden, the warm familiarity of your own backyard. Perhaps the best part of outdoor weddings is the opportunity to add your special touch. So hope these tips will be useful to you, and good luck with your big day!