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Choosing the place of your tattoo is sometimes as challenging as choosing your tattoo design. Back, arm, leg, ankle are all decent places to get the ink done, and it’s totally up to you. Below we have 32 excellent back shoulder tattoo designs that may give you sparkling inspirations about tattoos on your back shoulder.


The front and back of the shoulder are common places for tattoos. Today we recommend the back shoulder. The area from the collarbone to the shoulder is thin and elegant, while the area from the back shoulder to the sphenoid bone is larger, with more extensive tattoo options. The graceful shape of sophenoid bone is especially beautiful for thin women. On the choice of design, you can choose the flower that color prints boldly, the sign that contains mysterious meaning, also you can also choose the design of extremely brief style or simple words, sentences that stands for your character. As is often said, it is totally up to you, no one can decide for your body except yourself.

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These back shoulder tattoos are all gorgeous and you should try them if you like them. But there should be full consideration before you really get the ink done. If you have the strong desire to try tattoos but you don’t want to regret your decision in the future, you can try tattoo stickers that are not temporary.