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Will you feel like some decorations when you dress cloths that are sleeveless or low-cut in hot summer days? If you do so, besides necklaces, tattoos will be a great choice. Today we’d like to strongly recommend 32 tattoo design ideas under the collarbone that may inspire you a lot.


Tattoos under the collarbone are extraordinarily charming and enchanting. Collarbones can be considered one of the most charming parts of the female anatomy because of its delicate contours and fine shape. Putting a tattoo under your collarbone can increase the beauty of your body. Patterns suitable for this place are also various, from mellow and delicate flowers to well-designed words, phrases or sentence, you can choose whatever you like. Simple patterns under the collarbone and complicated patterns extended from your shoulder can create different feelings, various colors or pure color has different effects. It’s totally up to your taste. Adding your own symbol to your tattoo can make it meaningful, you can give others the opportunity to know you from your tattoo instead of your words.

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It’s really necessary for you to consider twice before you get the ink done, and choose patterns really carefully if you have decided to have a tattoo. Those pictures should provide you with sparkling inspirations if you are in for tattoos under the collarbone.