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If say to have a kind of style that will never be out of fashion, that must be minimalist. When the popular simplicity style is applied to the wedding, what kind of surprising sparks will collide? There are 32 ethereal minimalist flower designs to decorate your wedding tables that may give you answer.


The principle of minimalist is ‘less is more’, so when considering simplicity-style flower decorations for your wedding table, here’s the suggestion—use as less flower and accessory as possible. A simple glass or metal vase with a flower will be quite enough, keeping the long stems of the flower. Or just simply display the flowers on the table, near the plates, or in the goblet. This small trick will please the guests. And of course, some delicate accessories are not ambivalent to minimalist. When everything of your wedding is pursuing elaboration and luxury, it may cause aesthetic fatigue. So a minimalist flower bouquet will be such a relaxation.

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Minimalist demonstrates a peculiar beauty that will always let people feel relaxed and pleasant. It is no denying that every bride will want the best of their wedding, then why not try the minimalist style to decorate your wedding table? I’m sure you won’t get disappointed.