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Have you ever admired those people who got cool tattoos on their body when passing the street and casually catching sight of them? Or are you totally obsessed with the enchanting body art after trying it once and intended to get another one? Then, why not try the awesome moon tattoos anyway? Go and see if those wonderful moon tattoo ideas below can catch your eyes!


What would the moon remind you of? The ancient and mysterious stories of vampires? Pretty fairies that live on the icy moon world? Or, a strong and vigorous but lonely wolf stands on the peak of a mountain, howling towards the moon? In China, moon represents even more meanings such as missing families or friends, the union of beloved ones. It seems that we always hold a somehow reverent complex for the moon. So that’s no wonder why it is so popular among people to get a moon tattoo. Whether you like a simple image of crescent moon, a realistic full moon, an artistic moon or a gradual changing series from crescent moon to full moon, they can all bring your body magical charm.

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The moon tattoo design can be bold if you do not mind, and it can also be simple and small if you just want to have a try. And sometimes we get a tattoo not because we want it to be seen, but to remind and please ourselves. Thus, never hesitate to try those gorgeous moon tattoos if they fit your taste.