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Today I will recommend to you a leopard print manicure suitable for female bosses of office workers, an exquisite and domineering manicure. The special frosted texture of the leopard nail art is also a favorite of many fashionistas. The matte nail surface can better restore the fur texture of the leopard print, making the leopard look more realistic, while also increasing the fashion temperament of the nail and gorgeous, stylish and unassuming, it is very unique!

The leopard nail art made with bean paste pink and black looks lively and youthful. The leopard pattern with burgundy and bean paste solid nails is simple and elegant, and it is particularly charming. This color combination will not appear abrupt at all, and let the leopard pattern become a fashion symbol at the fingertips. With red solid color nails and exquisite leopard nails, it looks very refreshing. This style will be very suitable for busy office workers, will not cause a burden on work and life, and at the same time very fashionable, it can highlight your charm.