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Unwittingly, the late August evening breeze has blown away the summer heat, and autumn is also pacing towards us. The feeling that autumn gives a person is golden harvest season, our makeup look how to return can invariable, did not have the feeling that summer is so bold and unrestrained and enthusiastic, fall makeup look is in reflect the temperament with mature and easy woman heavily.

Compared to the warm feeling of summer, autumn has a more warm and gentle feeling, so in the choice of eye shadow should abandon the more bright colors, choose a more warm earth color eye shadow. The eye shadow of earth color can become whole person’s feeling more gentle, the eye also can be more vivid, without particularly exaggerated mature feeling.

It’s important to use the base of your makeup, as your skin tends to get dry in the fall, so it’s best to moisturize before putting on your makeup so that your look is flawless. If because the skin is too dry and produce makeup do not conform or peel and other conditions can add a few drops of essence in foundation fluid to achieve the effect of moisturizing, make makeup more skin.